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2015-08-07 06:19 pm
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Random Damara Facts

Damara is a homebody, so she seldom goes out. This is because she has a lot of social anxiety, which makes her uncomfortable with most social situations. She will begrudgingly help those who need her services.

Damara likes to stick to areas she is comfortable with, and people she's comfortable with. She doesn't consider herself rude to others, only careful.

When she does leave the comforts of her home, she enjoys sticking to a few places she considers comfortable favorites. A local coffee shop is a personal favorite, as well as the shrine that her family runs and cares to.

When making daily visits to the coffee shop, Damara always orders some sort of sweet treat, as she has a insatiable sweet tooth for all things containing sugar. Her favorite flavor is cherry.

Damara also has a love of things nature, and will most likely be seen walking close to parks and forests, which for her is a relaxing retreat, sometimes taking with her things she orders from the coffee shop on her travels.

Since she's not so good with cooking, Damara sticks to simple meals, and prefers to order in almost regularly.